About us

ORIACHOVITZA Winery is established in the village of Oryahovitsa, Stara Zagora, in 1936. In terms of production, the winery reaches its peak in mid-1980s making 2.5 million liters of wine annually. The main markets of the winery back then included Austria, Germany, USSR and the United Kingdom. Oriachovitza is constructed in a way that it uses the natural incline of the hill that is located on. This allow us to use gravity during the process of winemaking thus eliminating mechanical movement of the must or the wine. That way, the ferment is treated as gently as possible which is a prerequisite to creating fine, high-quality wines. In addition, the underground cellar of Oriachovitza is perfectly suited for aging wines both in barrels and in bottles. The naturally regulated humidity and low annual temperature fluctuations (less than 5 degrees Celsius) refine wines from Oriachovitza even further, presenting you with an elegant and well-structured final product.

The wines originating from the region of Oryahovitsa are with a Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.) stamp, certifying traditional methods of production and sourcing of grapes from a specific terroir—unique with its climate, soil and geographical characteristics. The vineyards around the village of Oryahovitsa are south-facing and located in the foot of the Balkans, 200 meters above sea level. The relief is inclined, in the range from 3 to 6 degrees, slightly wavy and going to flat in the South. The annual rainfall is between 510 and 625 mm. The total temperature sum for the period with average daily measurements above 10ºС (April to October) is 3,815ºС. The average daily temperature at the most subtle month is 23 ºC. The types of soils that can be found are: deluvial-rocky, medium and heavy sandy-clay, alluvial-delluvial meadows, heavy sandy clay and dried cinnamon-forest, medium sandy-loam.

The climate is continental and the mountain range from the north acts as a natural barrier to cold air but ensures slight breeze coming through the vineyards during the hot summer.